Attracting loyal users and increasing TVL is our business.

Cryptokedia, cryptocurrency and bitcoin

About Me.

Quincy Ememandu has been in Web3 since 2017. He started as an ICO investor and went from airdrop hunting to content writing. 

He wrote Twitter threads for Web3 protocols and ghostwrote Twitter threads for founders and CEOs.

From his experience as a content writer, he has seen first hand poor and excellent social media marketing strategies.

His #1 aim is to see your Web3 business, protocol, product or project meet its goals, grow in social media and become one of the most recognized businesses in Web3.

Nothing makes him happier than figuring out how to make social media work for a client and seeing the results.


Why Choose Me?

Cryptokedia is more than just a job to us.

We don’t work at a place where we just punch a clock, do our job, punch out, go home, and come back for another day. 

We are passionate about making valuable diffferences for each of our clients. 

No Delay

Big agencies have a pool of clients waiting to use their services.

Working with larger agencies means you must join the queue and wait for weeks before you can use their services. 

When you book a call with us, after discussing what you want, we start your project immediately with milsteones set with timely communincations.

Tested Strategies That Deliver

All strategies we use in your project have delivered results for other clients.

No gambling. No guesswork.

My Purpose

Building trust on social media takes time and requires consistent effort. 

We aim to work with you long-term until you see sustainable success. 

We want to partner with founders and CEOs with the budget to create a strategy and maintain patience while waiting and tracking results.