SEO And Content Strategy For Business That Want Long-Term And stable success.

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About Me.

My journey as an SEO and Content Strategist started in January 2022.

Before then, I was a Web3 Content Writer.

I have actively participated in Web3 since 2017 but started writing Web3 content in November 2021.

I wrote Twitter threads for clients and blog posts as a ghostwriter.

During this period, I encountered several clients who asked me if I was an SEO writer.

At that time, I never heard about SEO writing, and I said no.

After several clients repeatedly asked me this question, I had to do my research to understand what SEO writing was about.

I vividly recall a client willing to pay $1,000 for an article for SEO content.

While learning what SEO writers are, several SEO experts recommended new SEOs get a website to practice SEO.


Here I am.

I stopped writing Twitter threads and niches down on writing blog posts and optimizing them to rank on Google.

I am a long talker, and long-form content gives me enough space to articulate my thought process.

Most importantly, I get to use SEO to drive traffic to my long-form content.

Best of all, I help businesses like yours drive traffic and sales without exceeding your budget.

My SEO Services

  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Topic Clusters
  • Long Form Content

Why Choose Me?

SEO-Optimized Copy

SEO success is beyond keyword placement in a blog post

I write engaging, well-researched and valuable SEO content.

No Delay

Big brands already have a pool of people waiting to use their services.

Working with larger brands means you must join the queue and wait for weeks before it gets your turn to receive their services.

When you book a call with me, after discussing what you want, I start your project immediately with Milestones set, deadlines and timely communication.

Tested Strategies That Deliver

All the strategies I share with you have delivered results for me and my clients.

No gambling. No guesswork.

My Purpose

SEO Content is not a quick process and a one-time effort.

I aim to work with you long-term until you see sustainable success.

I want to collaborate with individuals and companies with the budget to create a strategy and the patience to wait and track results.