Unlock The Secret of Investing in Crypto Without Investing a Single Dollar.

Unlock The Secret of Investing in Crypto Without Investing a Single Dollar.

Cryptocurrency is gradually expanding around the world. 


Countries that never initially welcomed it are gradually setting up laws that would protect their citizens and yet give them control (this isn’t good for crypto) over cryptocurrencies when they are used within the country. 


This means that more new people will be introduced into the crypto space, also known as Web3. 


The problem is that people who do not have money to invest in crypto would waste a lot of valuable time on trial and error. 


This is mainly because no experienced person in this industry will spend time teaching such an inexperienced person. 


Then, if you are among those who have money to invest, by the time you finish spending money on trial and error, you will feel discouraged from continuing to invest in this space. 


How about you start early to avoid trial and error right from day one and save yourself precious time? 


How about you get access to the right information early and avoid wasting your hard-earned money on trial and error?


What if someone takes the time to explain how you can make money in crypto in four months without investing a single dollar? 


I know you won’t believe that because it sounds impossible to you. 


Are you aware that crypto is player versus player? 


Your loss is someone else’s gain, and your gain is someone else’s loss. 


Let me explain how to unlock the secret of investing in crypto. 


When I started crypto in 2017, the first coin that gave me money was Ripple($XRP). 


I invested $200, and in less than one month, I was seeing $1,200.


I left $100 and withdrew the rest to invest in ICOs. 


At that time, ICOs were the only way I knew how to make money. 


It worked for me. 


The strategy was to buy any good ICO and sell at 5x-10x profit once it launched.


And move to the next ICO. 


Now, not all ICOs are good investments. 


There are factors you have to consider, such as 


1. team members’ past results and commitment

2. how successful they have been with previous projects


We will go into detail about this later. 


The story of making 6x of my investments sounds sweet and straightforward, right? 


Do you know the reason? 




I will give you three seconds to guess. 


Tick 1.


Tick 2.


Tick 3. 


We were in a BULLRUN


Yeah. Read that again. 


We were in a BULLRUN. 


Bullrun is a period in the crypto market where many people make money without understanding what they are doing. 


They buy random shitcoins and make a lot of money from it. 


This secret I’m about to share with you is not a gamble. 


It does not know BULLRUN or BEARRUN.


This strategy has been tested, trusted, and used repeatedly to produce results for me and my students. 



You are required to position yourself so that the waterfall falls on your head consistently. 


This strategy works when you have money to invest and also when you don’t have money to invest. 


Instead of gambling your hard-earned money in crypto, wouldn’t it be better to learn from those who have tried what you want to do and be consistent at it? 


People gamble because it is easier. This is also why you have chosen that path. 


The path of least pain, least studying, least discipline and least suffering. 


Gambling and financial illiteracy would make a trader buy an already-pumping coin. 


Because they are scared of missing out on that profit, they enter along a pumping coin and become the exit liquidity of early buyers. 


I’ve been there several times. 


Crypto has allowed everyone to invest with as little money as possible and without wasting time. 


This has unboarded many people who do not have financial literacy. 


Intriguingly, they have no idea that they lack financial literacy. 


This secret I am about to unlock for you now will teach you.


1. Financial literacy when investing in crypto

2. How to make $2,000 in Web3 every money without investing any dollar. 

3. How to position yourself to enter Alpha coins before they start pumping. 

4. How to identify Alpha coins – coins that can give you 10x-100x


You will learn to invest with a working structure or system, not by gambling. 


No successful person got there by gambling. 


Even if they do, it’s only a matter of time before they go broke. 


This secret will help you avoid years of time and error and get straight to the point of learning what you need to do to start making money in crypto today. 


Crypto is the only industry where people can make 20x of their investment within six months. 


If this figure is mentioned in traditional finance, you will be considered a criminal.


Imagine a future where you control your destiny, financial barriers scramble, and the path to success is limitless. 


The unlocked secret holds the key to that brighter and bolder tomorrow.


Aspirations of early retirement, exploring exotic destinations, or securing your family’s future can now become a dazzling reality. 


Dive into a realm of boundless opportunities where innovation thrives and traditional boundaries blur. 


Cryptocurrencies have revolutionised finance, democratising wealth and levelling the playing field for all. 


You only need access to the right information, and you will be wealthy beyond what your daily job or business pays you or your imagination can contain. 


Whether you seek to break free from the chains of financial limitations or wish to support projects with real-world impact. 


Investing in crypto empowers you to be part of a global movement that is shaping the future. 


In the fast-paced world of crypto, game-changing opportunities abound. 


Unearth the hidden gems that will catapult your investment to an unmeasurable return on investments.


These secrets you are about to unlock took me six years to figure out.  


Six years of battle-tested strategies to navigate the dynamic crypto landscape.


These strategies have been used repeatedly, and they have never forsaken me. 


From uncovering undervalued coins to mastering the art of timing the market. 


I will equip you with the practical information and tools to seize the moment and make well-informed, profit-driven decisions. 


Every investment carries some degree of risk. 


I have created this course to give you the knowledge and skills to approach the crypto market with confidence and prudence. 


No gambling. 


Many of my past students started with little to no knowledge and are now successful investors, achieving their financial goals through crypto investments. 



This course unlocks the secret of how to avoid investments that would end up losing you money. 


I also mentioned avoiding scams and fraudulent projects targeted at retail investors. 


If you’ve had a bad experience in the crypto space previously, do not cry over spilt milk. 


Sit up and re-strategise. This is how winners behave. 


This course will help you identify your mistakes and start on the right track. 


What is inside this Secret you are about to Unlock?


  1. Financial literacy when investing in crypto. 
  2. How to make $2,000 in Web3 every money without investing any dollar. 
  3. How to position yourself to enter Alpha coins before they start pumping. 
  4. How to identify Alpha coins – coins that can give you 10x-100x




1. I received 16 WALLETS from the Arbitrum airdrop, TWO from the Optimism airdrop, and FOUR from the Aptos airdrop.

I will show you my strategy for properly farming Alpha airdrops.


2. Crypto can be complex sometimes.

I will provide unlimited support at any point and keep you on track.

There are so many distractions today on the Internet; it is easy to purchase a course and forget about it. 


3. I will teach you how to make your first $2,000 in four months without spending a single dollar. 


If you’re ready to change your financial state and help your loved ones. 


Unlock The Secret to Investing in Crypto


If you want to pay through cryptocurrency. Send me an email to quincy@cryptokedia.com  



Most of the information I shared in the course is my favourite strategy for making money in the crypto space. 


I intend to milk this strategy alone. Exposing a working strategy to the public is improper because it will become easily saturated. 


Again, the content is not illegal, but developers will certainly frown at it when they see it. 


I don’t want this course to be in many people’s hands for these reasons. 


I need only 25 people to get this course and will forever remove it from the Internet. 


Unlock The Secret to Investing in Crypto


If you want to pay through cryptocurrency. Send me an email to quincy@cryptokedia.com



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