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The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Content Marketing

In the Web3 space, many projects often face the common problem of struggling to gain recognition in an ocean of other projects similar to theirs.

It’s a challenge that can leave even the most innovative projects feeling unheard and unseen.

This article is your key to unlocking the strategies and tactics that will elevate your project’s visibility, helping you break free from anonymity to a project everyone talks about, just like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

If you have a Web3 project and are stuck creating awareness for your project, this article is for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Crypto Content Marketing.

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What is Web3/Crypto Content Marketing?

Crypto content marketing creates and distributes valuable information related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other web3 topics to attract and engage a target audience.

It helps Web3 projects to raise awareness, educate, and persuade potential investors, customers, and community members to support a crypto project or business.

Web3 projects establish authority, trust, and credibility in crypto, which is essential for gaining a competitive edge.

Why is Content Marketing Vital for Your Web3 Project?

Generate Traffic

Content marketing increases brand awareness and recognition among potential customers and investors.

Content marketing is affordable.

Many web3 projects are startups or small businesses operating in a rapidly evolving and competitive space. They often have limited budgets for marketing. Cost-efficient content marketing strategies such as UGC, niche targeting, content repurposing, etc., are essential to maximize the impact of their marketing spend.

Long-time Relevance

Content marketing can have a long-lasting impact on your web3 projects. It can create evergreen content that can rank well on search engines and platforms, generate organic traffic and leads, and increase exposure and engagement. Content marketing can also help your project to adapt to the changing trends and developments in the web3 space by creating and updating your content accordingly.

Distinguishes you from the competition.

Web3 technology is often complex and unfamiliar to the average person.

Content marketing lets you educate your audience about your technology, its benefits, and its potential applications. By providing clear and accessible information, your project can set itself apart as a leader in the field. Not a lot of project founders are marketing their projects with content marketing.

Creating content and being consistent on your distribution channels has eliminated many competitors. Most founders are developers, and they don’t see the importance of content marketing. They believe that building only a good product is enough to attract users.

Thought Leadership

Content marketing positions your project as thought leaders in your respective niches. By consistently producing valuable insights, analysis, and thought-provoking content, you will influence industry conversations and be recognized as an experts in your field.

Types of Content for Web3


Blogging involves creating and publishing articles on your website or platform that cover various topics related to your project. You post new developments, announcements, partnerships, and educational articles on your blog to educate your users about your project.

You can build a website for your blog or use writing tools like Medium.

Your web3 project needs a personal blog. This helps you document your journey and allows your readers to have concentrated information about your project in one place.


Infographics involves creating and displaying visual representations of data, information, or knowledge related to your project.

Cryptocurrency is complicated for the average user. It is important you add visual explanations when explaining concepts.

This helps users to understand your project and become eager to engage with your content.


With some Web3 founders being anonymous, their community is often eager to listen to them. One of the reasons is to confirm if the founders are passionate about what they are doing.

Podcasts are a great way to share your voice, ideas, and knowledge with your community.

Because X (formerly Twitter) is a crypto hub, spaces conducted there help founders share their voices and ideas. It’s a form of podcast.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a million.

Videos are a powerful way to communicate your project vision, educate your audience, and showcase your products or services.

Web3 involves many new terms and concepts, such as blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs, DAOs, and more.

These can be confusing or intimidating for your potential customers or users. Videos can help you break down these concepts and show how they work.

For example, you can use animations, diagrams, or demonstrations to illustrate how your web3 product or service operates.

Videos can also help you showcase your brand personality and values.

Web3 is not just about technology but also about culture and community. Web3 users care about the values and vision behind their products or services.

They want to support projects aligned with their beliefs and goals. Videos can help you convey your brand story, mission, and values to your audience.

For example, you can use testimonials, interviews, or behind-the-scenes footage to show the people and passion behind your web3 project.

Reports and Case Studies

Reports and case studies prove how your web3 solution solves a real problem, creates a positive change, or generates a return on investment for your customers or users.

They can also showcase your solution’s unique features and benefits, such as decentralization, transparency, security, or innovation.

For example, you can use reports and case studies to show how your web3 solution reduces costs, increases efficiency, improves quality, or enhances customer satisfaction.

If Solana team members wanted to show that it is better than Ethereum, they could do a case study using both blockchains to conduct several transactions.

User-generated content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) is content that is created and shared by the users of a platform or service rather than by the platform or service itself.

UGC can include text, images, videos, audio, or any other form of media. UGC increases the diversity and creativity of web3 content. Community members express their ideas, opinions, and talents in web3 without being limited by the rules or restrictions of centralized authorities.

UGC can also enable users to explore and experiment with new forms and genres of content, such as NFTs, DAOs, or metaverse experiences.


Memes are a type of content marketing for crypto, meaning when people who like your project make and share funny pictures or videos about it online.

For example, if you like an Arbitrum, you might make a picture of a dog with a physical coin on its head, write something funny, and post it on X.

Memes help spread awareness and education about your project concepts and technologies.

Memes can help simplify and illustrate these concepts in a humorous and relatable way, making them more accessible and appealing to a wider audience. For example, some memes use popular characters or situations to explain how web3 works or what benefits it offers.


A whitepaper aims to provide authoritative and informative information on a specific topic, problem, or solution.

Whitepapers are often used to educate, persuade, or influence the target audience, such as potential customers, investors, partners, or regulators. A Whitepaper is typically longer and more detailed than blog posts or articles, and they usually include data, facts, and references to support the arguments or claims made in your project.

Crypto Content Marketing Strategies for Web3 Projects


When you give away free coins or tokens, more people will invite their friends and followers on social media and other platforms to use your protocol.

This can help increase the awareness and recognition of your project and attract more potential users or customers.

Community building

Community is the pillar of any successful project in Web3.

How many successful Web3s have you seen that don’t have a strong community?

It is more like a cult-like community, such that these communities become maximalist.

Community building will help you have a closer relationship with your members, and your members become closer to the founder.

When you make and share useful and supportive things for people who use or buy your crypto project or business, more people can join and participate in your crypto project.

They can also interact and communicate with you and other people involved in your crypto project and how they can contribute and make a difference.

Case studies

Conduct case studies and tell stories about how your projects helped others achieve their goals.

Post these case studies on your website and social media platforms.

When you tell stories about how your Web3 project solved real problems or created real value for other people or projects, more people will see how your crypto project works and what benefits it offers.


Conduct a meme competition within your community, and the best meme will be featured on your social media platform. You can decide to reward the best meme with your token.

When people see funny memes related to crypto, they might smile and feel good. This can make them more curious about your crypto project and maybe even want to try or buy it.

PR & News Announcements

Reach out to relevant journalists, editors, bloggers, and influencers who can amplify the reach and visibility of your project.

PR helps to build trust and credibility by securing media coverage, social shares, and backlinks from reputable sources.

It enhances content creation by providing insights from market trends, customer feedback, and industry experts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Several Web3 projects create websites and do not optimize them for SEO. They only focus on X and Medium. Interestingly, Google does not rank medium content the same as X. Therefore, you would be limiting your traffic to X and Medium.

While optimizing to get traffic from social media, Google has the largest traffic amongst these other traffic sources.

You shouldn’t neglect it. If you can’t do it, hire an SEO Strategist.

Reputation Management

A good reputation is a good business; you should treat it as one. This is why companies invest a lot of money to manage their Reputation. Here are ways to manage your online Reputation.

  • Monitor online platforms and social media for mentions of your project and address any negative comments or misinformation professionally and respectfully.
  • Create feedback mechanisms for users and community members to express their opinions and suggestions. Use this feedback to improve your project and address concerns.
  • Contribute to the broader Web3 ecosystem by participating in conferences, hackathons, and open-source projects.
  • Showcase your project’s commitment to the advancement of decentralized technologies.
  • Uphold ethical behaviour and values in all aspects of your project, from development to marketing.

Email Marketing

Social media platforms are rented spaces. Your website could be hacked, your social media could be banned for no reason, and Google can drop your traffic for no reason.


The point is that you don’t control what happens on the backend of these platforms, and not having an email list is not a good idea.

Your years of effort won’t go to waste when these rented platforms misbehave.

You could create a new website and social media handle and email them to follow your new account.

Another reason you need an email list is to keep your users updated weekly or daily about the latest developments in your project.

Not every user has time to track your project announcements on all platforms. Most people would prefer getting the summary of events in an email.

Leverage social media marketing (X and LinkedIn)

Post videos from conferences, hackathons, blogs, and podcasts on social media.

Use eye-grabbing headlines to catch the attention of users.

I see a lot of projects do this. They post and never engage with audience comments. Respond to comments and feedback.

Use hashtags when you post on social media.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a strategy that involves collaborating with online influencers who have a large and engaged following to promote your Web3 project.

They can help you to reach new audiences, build trust and credibility, create a sense of community, and generate buzz around your project.

For example, if you work with an influencer who tweets about your crypto project, you will see a lot of traffic, and some of this new traffic will stick around because they love your project.

Paid ads are an efficient way of marketing your project. When done right, the result is seen immediately, unlike organic traffic, which could take months.

You can use any social media platform to sponsor your adverts. Hire an experienced advertiser.

Steps to Create a Compelling Crypto Content Strategy.

Define Your Target Audience: The first step is identifying who you want to reach with your crypto content.

You must understand their demographics, psychographics, pain points, goals, motivations, and preferences.

Conduct surveys, interviews, personas, etc., to gather data about your target audience. You also need to segment your audience into different groups based on their level of awareness, interest, and engagement with your crypto project.

For example, you may have segments like crypto beginners, enthusiasts, investors, influencers, etc.

Research Your Competitors: The second step is to analyze what your competitors are doing with their crypto content.

You must discover their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Use tools like SWOT analysis, competitor matrix, content audit, etc., to evaluate your competitors’ content. You must also identify their content marketing channels, formats, topics, keywords, tone, style, etc.

Use tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, etc., to monitor your competitors’ content performance and trends.

Define Your Content Marketing Channels: The third step is to choose the best platforms and mediums to distribute your crypto content.

You must consider where your target audience spends their time online and what content they consume.

For instance, X is the crypto hub. Project founders, users, influencers, developers, etc., are on X. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each channel and Medium regarding reach, engagement, cost, etc.

You can use channels like blogs, podcasts, newsletters, social media, forums, etc., and mediums like text, audio, video, images, infographics, etc., to create and share crypto content.

Set Your KPIs: The fourth step is to define your key performance indicators (KPIs) for your crypto content strategy.

You need to measure how well your content achieves your goals and objectives.

If your KPI is impressive, you continue doing what is working. And if it isn’t going well, you find out what’s wrong and make it right.

If you don’t know what and how to do it, hire a professional to analyze the problem.

Do not create content endlessly without checking your KPI at intervals of a few weeks or months.

Develop Your Crypto Content Marketing Plan: The fifth step is to create a detailed plan for your crypto content creation and distribution. You need to outline the following elements for your plan:

– Calendar: A schedule that shows when and where you will publish your crypto content.

– Topics: A list of ideas that match your audience’s needs and interests and your project’s value proposition.

– Formats: A mix of different types of content that suit your channels and mediums and your project’s features and benefits.

– Keywords: A set of relevant words and phrases that optimize your content for search engines and users.

– Tone and style: A consistent voice and personality that reflect your brand identity and values.

– Resources: A budget and a team that supports your content production and promotion.

Examples of Different Sectors of Crypto With Appropriate Content Marketing Channels

Cryptocurrency exchanges: A good content marketing channel for cryptocurrency exchanges is YouTube because it allows them to create long-form videos showcasing their features, benefits, security, fees, customer support, etc.

YouTube also has a large and active audience of crypto enthusiasts and investors who are looking for reliable and trustworthy exchanges.

YouTube videos can also be optimized for SEO and include links to the exchange website or app. X and Linkedin will be used to engage your audience.

Blockchain development platforms and tools: A blockchain development platform or tool is a software or service that helps developers create, deploy, and manage blockchain applications.

A good content marketing channel for blockchain development platforms and tools is Medium and X.

This is because it allows them to publish high-quality, informative, and engaging articles that can educate and inspire developers about their products and solutions.

– DeFi platforms:

A good content marketing channel for DeFi platforms is X because it allows them to share short updates, news, opinions, tips, etc., about their products and services.

NFTs and digital art platforms:

X is a good content marketing channel for NFTs and digital art platforms because it allows them to create visually appealing content that can capture attention and emotion.

Crypto wallets and payment solutions: A good content marketing channel for crypto wallets and payment solutions is blogs because they allow them to create high-quality, relevant, and engaging articles that can showcase their features, benefits, security, fees, customer support, etc.

Blogs also help with search engine optimization (SEO), as they can include relevant keywords, links, and multimedia elements that can rank well on Google and other search engines.

Blogs can also be shared on other social media platforms, including calls to action that direct users to the wallet or payment solution website or app.

For example, Exodus,, Moonpay, and BitPay are popular crypto wallets and payment solutions with blogs with hundreds of articles.

Crypto mining and hardware: A good content marketing channel for crypto mining and hardware is podcasts because they allow them to create long-form audio content to educate and entertain listeners about their products and services.

Key Qualities of a Successful Crypto Marketing Plan

Engaging: A good crypto project marketing strategy focuses on community engagement.

You can use various channels and platforms, such as social media, forums, blogs, podcasts, newsletters, etc., to interact with your potential and existing customers.

You can also create and share valuable, relevant, engaging content showcasing your project’s features, benefits, vision, and roadmap.

For example, CrewFire is a platform that helps you build an engaging crypto ambassador program using gamification and rewards.

Empowering: A crypto audience, whether new or existing, needs the inspiration to take action in investing in a project.

You can use various methods to empower your audience, such as educating them about the crypto industry and your project’s technology, providing them with valuable tools and resources, offering them support and guidance, and highlighting their success stories and testimonials.

You can also empower your audience by involving them in your project’s development and governance, such as soliciting feedback, suggestions, ideas, etc.

For example, Lunarstrategy is a marketing agency that helps you empower your audience by creating engaging and educational content for your crypto project.

Encouraging: A crypto content marketing plan must encourage its audience to interact with the project and engage in the community.

You can use various techniques to encourage your audience, such as creating a sense of urgency, scarcity, exclusivity, or social proof for your project’s offerings. Use clear and compelling calls to action that direct your audience to take the next step in their customer journey, such as signing up for a newsletter, joining a discord community, downloading a wallet app, etc.

You can also use referral programs, airdrops, giveaways, etc., to encourage your audience to spread the word about your project.


What are the suggested crypto contents to post on LinkedIn?

Ask yourself what products or services you offer. Look for the target audience that needs your solution and create content to address their needs. This is one of the reasons why knowing your customer is the first step to content marketing. You must know who you’re writing for and how to address their problem.

What role does social media play in ICO marketing services?

It plays an important role. It helps projects sell out their ICO in minutes when they do proper marketing.

Is there any social media forum that exists for blockchain?

The most used apps in Web3 are

X, Discord, and Telegram. Although we have Reddit and LinkedIn, any information is gotten first on X before every other platform.

How do you choose a crypto marketing agency?

Choose a Marketing Agency that has all of the following.

  • Experience and Reputation
  • Services and pricing
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Good team and communication

What are the big ‘no no’s’ of content marketing?

Creating content out of assumption. Use what your users want and create content related to it.

What makes a piece of social media content valuable?

  • It has to be applicable to your audience.
  • Focused on addressing your audience’s problem
  • It must be high-quality content
  • It must be clear, simplified words, and compelling.

Is social media marketing still a decent career to aspire to?

It’s a decent career to aspire to. New companies are launching daily and need a social media presence.

What are some excellent content marketing resources?

The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing in 2023 by Hubspot

How can I make my blog content more visible/shareable?

– Use social sharing buttons on your blog as I did with mine.

  • Optimize your content for SEO
  • Create interactive and engaging content
  • Repurpose your blog content on social media

What are the best times to post social media content?

According to your audience research, you should track what time of the day they are most active on social media and post during such periods.

How do you do an effective crypto promotion?

Use the following methods and channels to raise awareness, build trust, and drive adoption for your Web3 project.

Influencer marketing

Social media marketing

Content marketing

How do you find ideas for content marketing?

To find ideas for your content marketing, use these tools

  • AnswerThePublic
  • Reddit
  • Industry-specific forums
  • Keyword research
  • Questions asked by users in your comment section.

How can businesses benefit from crypto marketing services?

Crypto marketing services can help businesses benefit in various ways, such as:

Increasing awareness

Building trust

Driving adoption

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